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The Idyllic Villa organization is founded by a couple of 'private' persons,  who decided to buy real estate at some idyllic places in the world, for rent. The demands are that these villa's are of a high quality and they should be situated in places, which are not visited by too many tourists. The price- quality proportion is very high.

Our intention is to travel to and visit our own properties and to enjoy it, but also to increase the quality. We would also appreciate feedback from our guests. Afterwards the holiday all our customers will receive an e-mail concerning the quality . At the same time a guestbook will be attached to the website, in which our customers can add their comments.

In Thailand we took over the management of the small and exclusive beach resort to improve the quality . We also manage the villas of a few other owners. You are booking not with a rental agency but with the owners who care for you and care for the quality of their villas.

Hans Beeftink

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